The High Risk of Failing to Modernize Our Energy Infrastructure

If we are to solve the problem of New Hampshire's rising energy costs, then we need an honest discussion of the inherent rewards in modernizing our energy infrastructure - versus the guaranteed risks of doing nothing.  

Report confirms oil and gas pipelines are one of the safest ways to transport energy

"Pipelines are a vital part of this nation's energy infrastructure and ensuring they continue to operate safely will be critical to securing our energy future..."  

NH's energy infrastructure needs a boost

Lack of low-cost energy is hurting manufacturers. Article by Ken Merrifield, mayor of the city of Franklin.  

Five Graphics In Support Of Oil, Coal And Natural Gas

To those of you that sell oil, coal, and natural gas: keep swinging. You sell the energy sources that constitute 85% of the world's energy... a world that is increasingly richer, healthier, and longer living.  

As Corn Devours U.S. Prairies, Greens Reconsider Biofuel Mandate

Environmentalists who once championed biofuels as a way to cut pollution are now turning against a U.S. program that puts renewable fuels in cars, citing higher-than-expected carbon dioxide emissions and reduced wildlife habitat.  

Quantifying the impact of shale

Oil and gas production in the United States can be broken down into two periods: pre and post shale. ... Oil imports now contribute to just 1/3 of the trade deficit compared to 2/3 of the trade deficit before the shale revolution  

Thanks to Fracking U.S. Has More Reserves Than Russia and Saudi Arabia

Thanks to the fracking revolution, the U.S. can make our own decisions about energy security. We're not forced to make bad decisions.  

Infrastructure investments would bring NH cheaper, safer, cleaner power

Did you know that New Englanders pay 53 percent more for our electricity than the national average?