Sen. Bob Giuda - Time for an honest discussion of energy

September 18, 2017

(By Sen. Bob Giuda, R-Warren, represents District 2.)   

THE COST OF ELECTRICITY continues to be a major problem in New Hampshire. We can’t live without it, and despite “deregulation,” its cost continues to rise. There are several factors that are causing this problem.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in the use of oil and coal to produce our electricity, and nuclear power plants throughout the region are gradually being shuttered. These fossil fuel and nuclear plants were once the backbone of our electric grid.

Today’s market is being increasingly driven by competition, with sources that can produce energy cheaper, faster, and cleaner taking the lead in providing power. Natural gas power plants currently produce 40-50 percent of the base load power needed to keep our lights on and the air conditioning running. Not even nuclear power can match the economics of natural gas, currently the least expensive fuel for generating electricity.

The U.S. is experiencing an energy renaissance. Domestic natural gas production is up 53 percent since 2008, lowering energy costs for families, communities and businesses across the country (except for momentary spikes due to natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey), and cutting emissions as it displaces coal and oil. But unfortunately, most of New Hampshire can’t enjoy these benefits because of an aging energy infrastructure and lack of access to natural gas. In fact, in February we paid the sixth highest retail energy bills in the country, according to the Energy Information Administration...

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